Thursday, 28 January 2010

Building Mania

I've hardly had a chance to get anything done lately it's been so manic here. We are having lots of things done to the house and have had various sets of building people here almost constantly for the past week. I'm currently hiding out upstairs while lots of banging happens downstairs and it's nice to just pop on here and think of something else for 5 mins.

I had never realised before how much builders moan! It started with the boiler people having a good old grumble about the cottage being old fashioned and pipes etc being awkward to get at and then the wall knocking down lot were unimpressed with the boiler lot and so had a bit of a groan about them and so far it hasn't stopped. The building trade is more gossipy than the housewife brigade I have decided!

Another week or so and we should be workmen free :-)

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Hey everyone,

This post will mostly be a plee for input from others out there also working from home online.

I once went on a site called SocialGo and now regularly get emails from them about setting up my own network and was wondering if anyone else had come across or was using this site?

It seems to be a place where you set up your own community for your chosen topic, so i.e. you get message boards, places for people to post pics and exhance idea's etc. Now I think it looks brilliant but there are many levels and I was wondering if anyone had used the free one in particular? I wouldn't mind paying a fee eventually if it was worth it but I would want to start out on the free package at least until I knew a bit more about it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Blog Still Going Strong

My newest blog is still going strong and now has 6 followers after 2 posts. Amazingly though my others are still getting hits, even when I haven't updated them in quite a while. The target now has to be increasing the amount of hits (and clicks I guess but I'm not sure how I can influence that and I think it's actually frowned upon by Adsense if you try), I'm hoping by increasing the amount of hits, the clicks will take care of themselves.

For now I have decided to concentrate only on blogging as a way of earning online. There are millions of ideas out there but I found I was getting pulled in all sorts of directions and not actually getting much done.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Will This Ever Work!?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I was having problems with my old computer and so haven't been keeping up with things as I should. I fully intend to get back to this now though and make a good effort on it.

I have started a new blog for the new year and this time rather than making it about a specific topic I have just wrote exactly what I thought and it seems to be going much better! Ok so granted I have written one post so far but already it has 5 followers and 4 of those have commented. Now I'm not sure how everyone else's blog does but for me that is a pretty darn good result.

I'm hoping now that this leads to increased views and clicks which will all tot up on my Adsense account.