Thursday, 28 January 2010

Building Mania

I've hardly had a chance to get anything done lately it's been so manic here. We are having lots of things done to the house and have had various sets of building people here almost constantly for the past week. I'm currently hiding out upstairs while lots of banging happens downstairs and it's nice to just pop on here and think of something else for 5 mins.

I had never realised before how much builders moan! It started with the boiler people having a good old grumble about the cottage being old fashioned and pipes etc being awkward to get at and then the wall knocking down lot were unimpressed with the boiler lot and so had a bit of a groan about them and so far it hasn't stopped. The building trade is more gossipy than the housewife brigade I have decided!

Another week or so and we should be workmen free :-)


  1. Hi Ava, Interesting blogpost. Your say on "howmuch the bulders moan!" and that the "building trade is more gossipy than housewife brigade" made me laugh. You have the knack of tickling as you write. Great to know of your blog. Cheers.

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  3. Hi been reading your blog, and, Have you tried Bloglovin ? another way to promote blogs XX

  4. Hey Both, thanks for the comments :-) Glad I made you smile Simple!

    I haven't heard of Bloglovin Leslie but I will check it out, thanks for the tip. xx